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23rd May 2018 South West TAGB  International 
7th Apr 2017  International 
16th Jul 2016 World Tae Kwon-Do Championships 2016  International 
20th Jan 2016 Summer Camp 2016 - South West of England  International 
25th Nov 2015 Download Your Free Training Voucher  Regional: South West of England 
4th Dec 2014 TAGB Marketing  International 
19th Nov 2014 October Black Belt Grading Congratulations  Regional: South West of England 
8th Apr 2013 South West World Championship Training  Regional: South West of England 
9th Mar 2012 TAGB Tae Kwon-Do on FLICKR  International 
6th Mar 2012 South West Championships "RESULTS"  Regional: South West of England 
7th Feb 2012 European Championships 2012  International 
6th Feb 2012 USA Championships 2012  International 
5th Feb 2012 BTC Black Belt Team Championships  National 
4th Feb 2012 CK Choi Seminars  National 
1st Jan 2012 Calendar Of Events 2012  International 
29th Nov 2011 New 7th Dan Success  National 
28th Nov 2011 British Championships 2011  National 
31st Oct 2011 Northern Ireland 20th Anniversary  National 
17th Oct 2011 Tae Kwon-Do International Grows  International 
5th Jul 2011 New Martial Arts Website –  National 
6th Jun 2011 BTC Team Success  National 
1st Sep 2009 FREE Training Vouchers Now Available Online  Regional: South West of England 
12th Apr 2008 TAGB Tae Kwon-Do on "You"  National 
21st Feb 2008 Junior Tournament at Euro Disney  National 
21st Feb 2008 BLACK BELT GRADING OCTOBER 2007 PHOTOS  National 

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