1st Kup Grading Revision Sheet   print-friendly version

Variations of the grading format are at the examiner's discretion, this sheet is for guidance only


Combinations in line from Patterns
Colour belt pattern of your choice, excluding Choong Moo
Pattern - of grading examiners choice
Pattern – Choong Moo
3 Step Sparring
2 Step Sparring
1 Step Sparring (advanced)
Free Sparring


Hand Parts
Foot Parts

Korean Terms

Checking block Momchau makgi
Double arc hand block Doo bandalson makgi
Flat fingertip thrust Opun sonkut tulgi
One leg stance Wae bal sogi
Overhead kick Twio nomo chagi
Reverse knifehand Sonkal dung
Side fist Yop joomuk
Stamping kick Cha bapgi
Sweeping kick Goro chagi