Choi-Jong (3rd Dan) Print


See also: Sam-IL, Yoo-Sin

Meaning: CHOI-YONG is named after General Choi Yong, premier and commander in chief of the armed forces during the 14th century Koryo Dynasty. Choi Yong was greatly respected for his loyalty,patriotism, and humility. He was executed by his subordinate commanders headed by general Yi Sung Gae, who later became the first King of the Lee Dynasty

Number of Movements: 46

Starting Position: Closed ready stance C

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Guarding block, high left middle knuckle punch (right rear foot stance) [2 moves]
1: Move the left foot to D to form a right rear foot stance toward D while executing a middle guarding block to D with the forearm
2: Execute a high punch to D with the left middle knuckle fist while maintaining a right rear foot stance toward D
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