Moon-Moo (5th Dan) Print


See also: So San, Yong-Gae

Meaning: Moon-Moo honours the 30th King of the Silla Dynasty. His body was buried near Dae Wang Am (Great King's Rock). According to his will, the body was placed in the sea "where my soul shall forever defend my land against the Japanese." It is said that the Sok Gul Am (Stone cave) was built to guard his tomb. The Sok Gul Am is a fine example of the culture of the Silla Dynasty. The 61 movements in this pattern symbolize the last two figures of 661 A.D. when Moon Moo came to the throne

Number of Movements: 61

Starting Position: Parallel ready stance

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Turn the face to B while forming a right bending ready A toward B. Perform in a slow motion
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